Guitar Magazine (USA)

Hess, a trio of chop-heavy chaps, makes a deadly Neo-Classical drenched launch onto the instrumental guitar scene with their smoking debut, "Opus 1". Hess consists of Tom Hess and Mike Walsh on guitars, and Scott Hess on drums. Tom also plays keyboards and bass on the CD. Traces of Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, and traditional classical composers can be heard as primary influences on the band, and Hess fuses their heavy rock and classical styles in an exciting and well-executed fashion. Ripping solos and beat bashing grooves are what this CD is about... Although the boys aren't afraid to bring it down a bit with tunes like "Lydian Speaks", a thoughtful melodic laid back composition. Hess proves themselves as a band to keep on eye on, with this excellent debut release. Looking forward to the next CD!

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