Metal Coven (Belgium)

by Ronny Elst

On Opus 1 there are 12 instrumental guitar compositions. This trio features 2 guitarists ; Tom Hess and Mike Walsh. All the songs are composed and produced by Tom Hess. As influences Tom mentions George Bellas, Yngwie Malmsteen, J.S. Bach, J.Becker, M.Friedman, J.Brahms, Dream Theater but especially F.Chopin. Probably now you can imagine which style they play. Yes ; instrumental Neo-classical metal, with a progressive rock touch and mixed with the emotion of 19th Century romanticism. As main influences I personally mention Bellas, Becker, Friedman, Lanvall, Byrd and the well-known classical composers.

This CD is distributed by Michael Angelo’s label M.A.C.E.. This label will also distribute “Opus 2”, which will be released somewhere in 2002.

Tom Hess is also the main man behind the compilation CD “Guitars at An Exhibition Vol.1”, which features 1 Hess song but also showcases the talents of other guitarists. There are also plans for a second compilation CD, with a new Hess song and also a track from Mike Walsh’s other band Sage. I really can’t believe that Shrapnel hasn’t signed this band yet!

Mike Varney; wake up!

Rating : 90%

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