by Jussi Gough

Intricately binding of four creative beings expressing magical thought forms into compositional creations that can be heard in Hess-Opus 2. Drawing upon influential aspects of Symphony X, Malmsteen and Dream Theater with Steve Vai to Joe Satrani melodic twists Hess musically charters to places few bands within Progressive/Neo-Classical metal dare to explore. Opus 2 is a technical yet highly complex release utilizing classical ambiance to modern day speedy fretboard imagination. Six string masterminds Tom Hess and Mike Walsh web their thought provoking mastery on tracks Nexuses, Behold and Beyond The Brink. Overall creative merit Opus 2 lands between the worlds of refined classical abilities to metal music ingenuity. Emotionally touching to its heart stopping harmonics Hess discovers worlds not even sought by some. Compelling and dramatic this release speaks volumes.

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