How To Clean Up Fast Guitar Arpeggios Using Unique Practice Approaches

by Tom Hess

Want to clean up your fast guitar arpeggios but don't know effective practice methods to help you do it?

Don't worry.

There are many great ways to clean up your arpeggios using guitar practice that targets mistakes from different angles to fix them effectively.

Here are a few simple but powerful ways to start clean up your guitar arpeggios using creative approaches that really get results:

How To Clean Up Guitar Arpeggios - Practice Tip #1: Triple-Picking Technique

Triple-picking just means you pick each note in an arpeggio 3 times before moving to the next one. This naturally lines up your picking attack to continue in the direction of the next string in the arpeggio.

Most importantly though:

This approach helps practicing keeping your hands in-sync which makes playing arpeggios feel much easier.

It also helps you break out of the habit of picking arpeggios the same way every time outside of practice (during licks or solos).

How To Clean Up Guitar Arpeggios - Practice Tip #2: Pick Notes With More Power

Using a weak picking attack really holds back your guitar playing as a whole by preventing you from articulating strings well enough to produce high-quality notes.

Practice picking the notes of your guitar arpeggios with a lot of power.

Note: You can also use a heavier pick to make picking with power effortless.

Combine this approach with triple picking the notes of an arpeggio and try articulating different pick strokes with more or less power. This helps you gain even more control over your picking attack.

Use this method to improve your trouble spots and make every single note of a guitar arpeggio sound great:

How To Play Awesome Sweep Picking Arpeggios

How To Clean Up Guitar Arpeggios - Practice Tip #3: Use Unusual Picking

Instead of sweep picking the notes of your guitar arpeggios during practice, try using alternate picking or only up/down strokes.

This forces you to concentrate closely in order to play everything cleanly.

As a result:

Picking guitar arpeggios clean using conventional sweeping becomes much easier by comparison.

Now you know some great practice ideas to help you clean up your sweep picking.

It’s time to learn more ways to start playing guitar fast in areas outside of arpeggios.

Want to learn more about how to play guitar with fast speed? Check out this free video demonstration about building guitar speed.

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