Do I Need A Music Degree To Teach Guitar?

Answer: No. Most guitar students couldn’t care less about what your own musical background is. They only care about one thing: whether or not you can help them get the results they want in their guitar playing. A music degree only means that you have learned a lot about guitar playing/music, but it does virtually nothing to help you become a highly effective teacher.

So if you don’t have a music degree (or any other impressive music career credentials), don’t worry about it.

The only credential for guitar teachers that really stands out above all others (and blows away any music degree your competitors may have) is specialized training on how to teach guitar.

Here is something else you need to know: as a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, you have the opportunity to block any potential competitors in your local area from joining this program. This means you have exclusive rights to this training in your local area. Think about the MASSIVE competitive advantage this gives you when YOU are the only guitar teacher in your area who received expert training on how to teach guitar…this makes it a lot easier for you to dominate your competition.

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