Do I Need Prior Teaching Experience To Join The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle?

Answer: Short answer: No.

Long answer: In fact, it’s better if you don’t have any guitar teaching experience.

Here is why:

Most guitar teachers have a lot of bad guitar teaching habits to undo.

By “bad guitar teaching habits”, I mean things like:

1. Teaching 1-1 lessons because that’s what “everyone else” does or because you tried it in the past and “it didn’t work”.

2. Having a weak (or no) lesson policy – which means you likely waste a ton of time chasing students who don’t pay on time and teaching make-up lessons vs. creating new value for your best guitar students (the ones who pay on time, stay with you for years and practice every day).

3. Not specializing in one style of music and trying to attract “everyone”. (Hint: serious guitar students seek out specialists.) 

4. Negative beliefs about money, business, sales and marketing. If you have those beliefs, it’ll be very hard for you to attract great students and create the life you deserve you have.

5. Competing with other guitar teachers based on price.

… and a lot more.

If you have guitar teaching experience – I will help you identify and remove the roadblocks standing between you and the guitar teaching business you want.

But if you don’t – I’ll help you get started the right way from the beginning, so you can achieve the success you want in way less time than it takes most guitar teachers. 

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