Does The Program Include Exact Lesson Materials For Me To Use With My Students?

Answer: No. here are 2 big reasons why:

  1. With the exception of beginner guitar students, one-size-fits-all pre-made exercise books or courses give inferior results and make it hard for you to teach your students effectively.
  2. To become the best guitar teacher you can possibly be, you must learn how to create customized lesson strategies for your students to help them get BIG RESULTS as quickly as possible.

To do this, you need to learn (and I will teach you):

  • The most effective guitar teaching approach to use for getting superior results for your students that blows away the traditional linear guitar teaching model.
  • How to avoid bad habits in your students’ guitar playing and how to fix bad habits if your students already have them.
  • How to teach lead guitar improvising.
  • How to teach songwriting and musical creativity.
  • How to teach students to apply what they’ve learned to real music.
  • What to do when you don’t know what/how to teach someone.
  • How to teach someone who “doesn't get it” no matter how many times you review the same thing with them.
  • When and how to teach music theory.
  • When and how to teach your students scales and modes.
  • How to teach students to practice effectively and motivate them to do so.
  • The unique things to know to effectively teach each type of student (beginner vs. intermediate vs. advanced vs. highly advanced/virtuoso).
  • Step by step process for (quickly) creating your own huge library of lesson materials (without spending your own/unpaid time on this task!).

When I teach you this, you will always know exactly what to teach your students, when to teach it and how to do it. Most importantly, your students will love the process, become kickass players faster and stay with you a lot longer.

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