What Is The Main Difference Between The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Gold And Platinum Membership?

Answer:  To date, every single one of the 6-figure earning guitar teachers in EGTIC has been a Platinum member. Both Gold and Platinum members learn the exact same strategies for building their businesses and teaching guitar effectively. The key difference between the 2 (that enables you to earn 6-figures or more per year) is: implementation support. As a Platinum member you get 1-1 implementation support calls with me. These calls enable you to apply everything you are learning in EGTIC to your specific situation and grow your business easily and fast.

You also get access to the implementation support calls of other Platinum members, so you can hear me coach them through the process of growing their businesses. This is very powerful for you, because most of the topics that come up on those calls also apply to you directly or indirectly.

Most importantly, as a Platinum member you get access to the EGTIC Platinum mastermind support group. There you get to connect with other highly successful guitar teachers in the program (many of whom earn multiple 6-figures per year). This community is the absolute best place to get any question you have answered, receive help on any challenge you face in your teaching business and get additional implementation support to grow YOUR business bigger and faster. The access to this support group is worth far more than the amount you invest to be in EGTIC.

FYI: 96% of all EGTIC members are platinum members.

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