How To Improve Your Guitar Playing Creativity By Avoiding Common Mistakes

by Tom Hess

False Belief: Creativity cannot be learned on guitar. You have it or you don't.


You become a creative guitarist when you practice the skill of creativity the same way you would practice any other skill. Do this and stay away from the most common mistakes that stop you others improving musical creativity.

Your creativity improves faster when you know practice it consistently and avoid mistakes that hold you back.

Here is advice to help you avoid most common guitar player creativity mistakes:

Don’t Worry About Having To Learn A Bunch Of Licks By Other Guitar Players

This seems like the only approach on the surface.

You might think that the best way to play creatively is to be able to play like your favorite guitarist. However, memorizing a bunch of guitar licks by your favorite players is not the way to do this.

You are more likely to fall back on the same licks when you don't know what to do rather than actively think in a creative manner.

This concept is explained in the video below:

Focus Less On Learning Lots And Lots Of Scales

Learning a lot of new scales does not make you a more creative guitarist. It’s much more effective to learn how to use what you already know in a musical manner.

Once you understand how to play creatively with the scale patterns you already know, you can use this information to play expressive guitar solos whenever you feel like it.

Start How To Integrate Music Theory Together With Your Guitar Skills

Some guitar players spend a lot of time thinking about how music works or getting the most advanced technique.

These kinds of guitarists tend to not integrate their skills together as often as other players. For example, many guitar players have great technical skills but no ability to create expressive musical phrases with them.

If you want the power to control people’s emotion using music every time you pick up your guitar, there are many ways to do it.

Learn how to become an expressive lead guitarist using the tips in this guitar soloing creativity article.

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