Learn How To Use Guitar Tapping Technique To Get Your Own Creative Style

by Tom Hess

Wish you knew how great guitarists used tapping technique to make their licks sound unique?

Good news:

You’re going to learn how today.

Tapping is truly a diverse technique with tons of creative options for any lead guitarist to explore.

Regardless of your current skill level, these ideas help you build and develop a creative guitar tapping style:

Seamlessly Connect Guitar Licks Together Using Legato

What’s faster than picking through your scales at max speed?


Using legato to move through your scales at max speed.

Tapping gives you the power to connect each string in a scale pattern together without needing to pick.

This is both faster and it offers you new creative options while soloing or creating your own lead guitar licks.

Tips to help you integrate tapping into your scale runs:
  1. Use legato to play every note of the scale, except for the last note of each string. This note is the one you will tap.
  2. Transition cleanly from one string to the next by:

    Releasing pressure from your tapping finger so that it is loosely contacting the string. This keeps the strings from blending together.

    Hammering on the first note of the next string while moving tapping hand to mute previous string and prepare to tap next note.
Here are some addition tips to help you clean up string noise while moving from string to string:
Fix Sloppy Guitar Playing
Create Unique Guitar Phrases Using Different Note Rhythms

What is the most common way for people to use two-hand tapping on guitar?

By far it’s: Tapping as fast as possible in one continuous rhythm.

This sounds cool, but after a while it becomes repetitive. Good news is, you aren’t limited to just playing the same rhythm over and over.

Try this:

Create a short, 3-5 note tapping guitar lick

Challenge yourself to think of as many rhythmic variations as you can using the lick within 3 minutes.

This is how you start to really grow your creative-thinking muscles!

This basic concept helps you massively when you want to think of new, unique tapping licks.

Bonus tip: Don't forget to integrate this same type of practice together with other techniques or guitar skills you already do well with.

Make Guitar Tapping Even More Emotionally Captivating With Vibrato

Sweep picking sounds awesome. But you know what sounds more awesome?

Sweep picking with tapping.

Adding just a single tapped note to the top of an arpeggio generates a massive response from anyone around to hear you play.

Bonus Tip: Adding vibrato to your notes using the tapping finger is another unique way to make your playing stand out. Learn how to do it now by reading this guitar tapping article.

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