5 Roadblocks That Suffocate Your Guitar Teaching Business

By Tom Hess

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Most guitar teachers want to have more guitar students and earn more money.

But many hit a glass ceiling when they attempt to grow their business.

What causes this?

…using the same mindset, strategies and business model that got you stuck in the first place.

Here is something most people don’t know about making money with guitar teaching:

There are many ways to grow your income from $0 to $40,000 per year with guitar teaching.

How much do you know
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Problem is:

Only some of these ways let you keep growing to 60, 80 or $100,000 per year without getting stuck.

Even fewer allow you to go beyond $100,000 and reach the $150,000 – $250,000 level.

If your business is stuck right now, these 5 guitar teaching business success roadblocks could be to blame:

Guitar Teaching Business Roadblock #1: Lack of Scalable Business Model

The traditional guitar teaching business model (of teaching guitar using only 1-1 lessons) is not scalable.

This is because your income is controlled by:

  • The number of hours you are available for guitar teaching (we all have just 24 hours per day).
  • The amount of money you charge per hour (your income is limited, no matter how much you charge).

How To Teach Guitar Students To Gain Confidence

Is there a better way to start teaching guitar without overwhelming yourself?

Yes. Teach your guitar students in groups. This removes the glass ceiling over your head and allows you to grow your business faster.

Guitar Teaching Business Roadblock #2: Bucket With A Hole In It

You know what’s really frustrating about having a guitar teaching business to run?

Constantly replacing guitar students who quit.

This creates 3 problems:

  1. You waste a lot of time trying to keep your guitar teaching schedule full. (This is the time you could use to provide value to your current guitar students.)
  2. Your guitar students don't get (big) results in their playing because they quit lessons sooner than they should.
  3. You struggle to earn the money you can and should be earning with guitar teaching.

If your average student stays with you for less than 2 years, you have a big opportunity to improve your guitar teaching business very quickly.

Good news is: this problem is simple to fix when you sit down and think about it.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen right now.

Got them? Good.

Now, make a list of 30 ways you can motivate your guitar students to stay with you longer.

Then begin to implement the things on your list to improve your student retention.

Your bank account will thank you :)

Not sure what to do start teaching guitar better in order to get your guitar students to stay longer? Download this free guitar teaching eGuide to learn how to keep your guitar students studying with you for years.

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Guitar Teaching Business Roadblock #3: Lack Of Systems

You know what all successful guitar teaching business has?

It has systems to get things done.

What is a system?

A system is a repeatable process designed to produce a specific result in your business.

Successful guitar teachers all have systems for

  • Attracting prospective guitar students to contact you about lessons.
  • Converting prospective guitar students to become your actual guitar students.
  • Teaching your students to become good guitar players.
  • Motivating your guitar students to continue taking lessons with you for years.
  • Encouraging your guitar students to refer their friends to you.
  • Reaching out to guitar students who quit lessons with you to inspire them to come back to lessons.

Unfortunately, many guitar teachers have zero systems in their business. Nothing is organized into a process and nothing is tracked.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Make a list of all the actions you take to grow the most important areas of your guitar teaching business.
  2. Organize these actions into repeatable processes you can do over and over again. (These processes become your systems.)
  3. Track your results and refine your systems over time.

(If you want help with doing this, get guitar teacher training.)

Guitar Teaching Business Roadblock #4: You

Most guitar teachers have very negative mindset (and beliefs) about:

  • Money (and wealthy people)
  • Business
  • Their own potential to become very successful.

And because of this:

… they get in their own way and hold themselves back from achieving the things they say they want.

For example:

Most people think that money is the “root of all evil” and that wealthy people are bad, greedy and take advantage of others to earn their money.

Do you think a person with this mindset is likely to build a 6-figure guitar teaching business?

I don’t think so either…

Bottom line is:

Examine your beliefs carefully. Eliminate the ones that don't serve you and replace them with the ones that do.

Guitar Teaching Business Roadblock #5: Not Going “All In”

Most guitar teachers never fully commit to building a successful guitar teaching business.

Many teach only to “pay the bills” or to avoid working a non-music related job.

The irony is:

Their guitar teaching business becomes their day job that keeps them trapped, earning little money and not having a life they would really enjoy.

So what is the solution?

Go all in.

Commit to building your guitar teaching business to a level you truly want. Invest the time upfront, so you can have the life, freedom and fulfillment other guitar teachers only dream about.

You now know the biggest obstacles to growing your guitar teaching business. The next step is to improve the one area of your business that helps you grow most quickly. Download this free guitar teaching eGuide & learn how to keep your guitar students happily studying with you for years.

Tom HessAbout Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains guitar teachers from all over the world how to earn 6-figures per year teaching guitar, while working less than 40 hours per week. 

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