How To Express Yourself Fully With Your Guitar Playing

by Tom Hess

To become an expressive musician, you must master skills that make musical expression possible. Guitar phrasing is crucial for expressing yourself fully with your guitar playing.

This video helps you master lead guitar phrasing:

Lead guitar phrasing is about playing guitar with maximum emotion. This requires using a different set of skills than what you use to simply play with correct technique. Masters of lead guitar phrasing make any combination of notes sound great (at any speed).

Invest part of your guitar practice time to refine the phrasing of all your guitar licks and phrases. Challenge yourself to create 10-20 variations of the same musical idea. Make different variations by changing note rhythms or using techniques such as slides, bends or vibrato to emphasize certain notes.

This process helps you become more creative without learning more scales, techniques or musical concepts.

Note: musical skills make artistic expression easier, but they are not enough to fully express yourself as a musician. This article shows you other elements needed to achieve musical greatness within yourself.


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