How To Make Your Lead Guitar Playing Sing With The Sound Of A Human Voice

by Tom Hess

What technique has the power to give your guitar playing the sound of a human voice?


Vibrato technique.

If there was only one guitar technique you could master, this would be it!

So, how can you immediately begin using vibrato to make your guitar licks and solos sound incredibly expressive?

Watch this video to find out right now:

As you saw in the video, vibrato was applied to bent strings to create a powerful and expressive sound.

Here is how to practice applying this into your guitar playing right away:

  1. Fret the D note on the 7th fret of the 3rd string and pick the string.
  2. Bend the string up 1 step until it matches the pitch of the 9th fret (E).
  3. Wait for a moment, then strike the string once again.
  4. Apply vibrato so that the pitch moves back and forth around the original pitch of the bent note (E). This means that the pitch of the 9th fret becomes the exact center that your vibrato revolved around.

    Pay attention to this part of creating vibrato, because even if it’s off just a little bit, the note becomes out of tune (and sounds bad).
  5. Repeat this same process in 5 more different areas of the fretboard.
  6. Improvise using a short guitar lick of up to 5 notes. As you do this, use bent note vibrato and focus on adapting it into your usual phrases or licks.

Practice bent note vibrato for just a couple of weeks and watch as your guitar licks and solos begin to develop the melodic sound of a human voice!

Want to learn even more ways to master vibrato and make your lead guitar playing more unique and creative? Learn how to do it right now using the advice in this guitar vibrato tutorial.

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