How To Make Your Music Career A Success When Faced With Challenges Outside Of Your Control

by Tom Hess

A strong, empowering and action-based mindset is the key to music career success. This mindset is much different than simply “thinking positive” or “being an optimist”. Think of it like a compass that always points North (where “North” represents success in music). A compass always tells you where to go even if you are lost.

Likewise, a strong mindset tells you exactly what the right actions are to grow your music career (or where to look for answers if you don’t know them).

This is especially important for dealing with ONE key problem that happens in all music careers:

Overcoming the challenges and problems that are outside of your control.

This is the point where most musicians quit and end up back at their day jobs working 9-5 just to get by. Don't end up like this...

Focus on actively developing a strong mindset so you respond to things outside of your control in way that keeps you on the path to success. Here are just a few ways to do this:

  • Focus on achieving the things you WANT, not just what seems realistic.
  • Always look for Win-Win situations when working with others.
  • Avoid spending time with negative and disempowering people who do not support your goals.
  • Try to find the hidden value in any situation you come across... there is always something to learn from even if no one else bothers to look for it!
  • Stay in the habit reaching your musical goals by spending at least 30 minutes per day working on them. This adds up fast and gives you massive levels of positive momentum.

Remember, your success in music and life comes as a result of your choices and actions (or inactions) which are caused by your mindset.

Want to quickly learn how to develop the kind of mindset that leads you to amazing music career success? Read the examples in this music career article to understand the difference between a strong and weak mindset.

Tom HessAbout Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a music career mentor, guitar teacher and guitar teacher trainer. He mentors musicians from all over the world how to build very successful careers in the music industry and conducts live music career training events attended by musicians from 39 countries.
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