How To Clean Up Your Guitar Technique While Playing Notes With More Power And Authority

by Tom Hess

Your guitar technique suffers when you focus too much on trying to make it efficient while sacrificing power and articulation. This happens commonly when you play fast and try to cover up your mistakes (often without even knowing it) by playing with less force.

This causes you to keep making mistakes at fast speeds because your hands never quite get into perfect sync with each other.

Adding articulation and power back into your picking attack helps you play with greater clarity AND helps you easily identify mistakes you need to fix to get better. This makes it much less difficult to correct problems (such as lack of synchronization between hands) in less time.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of how to improve your guitar technique by articulating notes with more power:

When you develop excellent articulation, you eliminate mistakes in your technique and fast guitar playing feels totally effortless.

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