How To Play Lead Guitar Solos With Awesome Melodies Like Your Favorite Singers

by Tom Hess

Your guitar solos become catchy and memorable when you use phrasing similar to that of your favorite singers. Doing this is as simple as transcribing the vocal line in a song and filling in the space between the main notes with lead guitar runs.

This video shows you how easy it is to transform any vocal melody into an awesome guitar solo:

When you practice this consistently, the phrases in your guitar solos begin to connect together in a smooth manner. Your phrasing becomes more musical and playing solos feels a lot more self-expressive.

Practice this concept by doing the following:

  1. Choose a vocal line and transcribe it.
  2. In the silence between the main notes of the melody, insert licks, scales, arpeggios or sequences to add more fire into the phrase (as seen in the video).
  3. Improvise 10 variations of this and repeat this exercise with two additional vocal lines.

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