How To Play Unique Sweep Picking Patterns That No One Else Plays

by Tom Hess

Ready to learn a kickass new sweep picking arpeggio that you’ve never seen other guitarists using?

...Or maybe you’d like to learn how to create your own unique arpeggios?


Let’s get to it.

Using the same sweep picking arpeggios all the time is cool, but eventually it gets boring and repetitive. One of the easiest ways to make your own creative arpeggios is to use them by taking their patterns directly from a scale.

Here’s how to do it:

Choose any scale you are familiar with. Here is the D Lydian scale:

Play D Lydian On Guitar

Now look through the scale to find one or two notes per string that you can use to make a sweep picking arpeggio.

This arpeggio uses notes taken directly from the scale above:

Play D Lydian Sweep Picking Arpeggio

Pretty cool, huh?

Note: This arpeggio requires rolling technique to make it clean. Watch this video to learn how to play perfect rolling technique while sweep picking:


Going through this simple process not only gives you cool and interesting arpeggios that no one else uses… it also help you blend your scales and arpeggios together, making your guitar solos sound MUCH more musically expressive!


Now you know the super-simple and fun process for creating cool arpeggios that give your solos a unique style.

Now, let’s make this arpeggio even cooler by using interesting guitar chords below it to really bring out its musical character.

Since we are playing notes from Lydian, let’s use one simple chord and one chord that emphasizes the #4 note of the scale.

Play D Lydian On Guitar

There are tons of cool guitar chords to explore that make your guitar playing sound incredibly emotional and awe-inspiring. Plus, they are easy to make just like the arpeggio you made above.

Sound good?


Learn how to create emotional chords to give your guitar solos tons of expressive power.

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