How To Practice Guitar Effectively To Get Results When You Don't Have Much Time

by Tom Hess

Myth: Guitar practice can only be effective when you practice for many hours every day.

Reality: Practicing guitar is about quality, not quantity. Making your guitar practice as effective as possible brings much greater results even when you only practice a little bit each day.

The video below explains how it’s done:


Here are just a few skills to practice to get more results from your practice even if you only have 30 minutes to practice each day:

Directional picking: This means always picking in the direction of the string you are moving to next. For example: when ascending from a lower (in pitch) string to a higher string, always pick using a downstroke. When descending from a higher (in pitch) to a lower string, always pick using an upstroke.

Directional picking improves your picking articulation and 2-hand synchronization, so your playing sounds good at any speed. 

String skipping: Skipping strings develops tighter synchronization between both hands and makes your regular playing (on adjacent strings) feel much easier.

Improvisation: You can add improvisation training into everything you practice. For example: after you practice a new scale fingering, invest a few minutes to practice improvising guitar licks using that scale. 

This helps you improve your fretboard visualization and integrate your scale knowledge with other musical skills.

Practicing just these three things while paying close attention to your mistakes (and correcting them in the moment) makes your practice more effective even when you only have limited time.

Here’s A Frequently Overlooked Benefit Of Practicing With Less Time:

Sometimes you might intentionaly reduce your practice time to minimize fatigue in your hands and avoid potential injuries that sometimes come up from practicing guitar.

Guitar-playing injuries can hold your musical progress back for many weeks, months or years. Read this article to learn more ways to prevent (and fix) guitar playing injuries and make your guitar playing feel effortless.

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