How To Quickly Speed Up Your Guitar Playing By Making Your Technique Efficient In Both Hands

by Tom Hess

What key factor keeps you from playing guitar with fast and clean speed?


Inefficient technique.

Wasting motion and energy may not seem to important…

…but it really adds up when you need to make precise and well-timed movements with your fingers at fast speeds!

Fixing inefficient technique is the first step to making guitar speed feel easy and effortless (as it should!).

Get started doing this now by making these adjustments in your fretting and picking hand:

Fretting Hand

  • Use only as much pressure is needed to fret a note and no more as explained in this video:

  • Always fret notes using your fingertips (unless performing rolling technique)
  • Minimize the distance you bring your fingers up and away from the fretboard in between playing notes
  • Only fret notes when you need to play them

Picking Hand

Use thumb muting to mute unwanted string noise effectively rather than palm muting as shown in this video:

Minimize the number of pick strokes used to play scale patterns using efficient picking hand movement as shown in this video:

Note: Having efficient technique is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fast guitar playing. Learn more ways to play guitar fast with less effort using the ideas in this guitar speed article.

Tom HessAbout Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He teaches rock guitar lessons online to students from all over the world and conducts instructional live guitar training events attended by musicians from over 50 countries.

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