The Simple Process For Fixing Bad Guitar Playing Habits

by Tom Hess

Becoming a better guitar player means identifying and correcting the bad habits you have that hold you back.

Changing your old habits often feels difficult because they are deeply ingrained into your muscle memory.

Bottom line:

The better you get at correcting bad playing habits, the faster you become the guitar player you want to be.

For example:

This video shows a simple and effective process for correcting old guitar playing habits and training better habits to replace them:

Following the process described in the video helps you quickly ingrain new, better guitar playing habits into your routine.

Step 1: Determine The Specific Problem

Find the notes within a given exercise item you are struggling with the most. Pinpoint the exact reasons why you are unable to play them correctly by (ideally) working with a guitar teacher.

(Note: Taking lessons with a guitar teacher is the best way to ensure you understand the root causes of any mistake and don't waste time on ineffective practice items.)

Step 2: Isolate The Problem From Everything Else

Isolate the problem from the other notes in the exercise you got them from. This makes your practice more efficient so you don’t waste time on things you’ve already mastered.

Step 3: Play Slowly & Focus On What You're Doing

New habits are created by integrating new movements into your muscle memory over time.

Correctly identify the new habit you must use to fix your problem and begin practicing it with your practice item at a slow pace.

As you practice, focus closely on how it feels and how your hands are moving in the correct way. Memorizing what it feels like to play perfectly is critical.

Don’t move your hands faster than your mind can follow (this prevents you from reverting back to your old habits).

Following this process makes guitar practice less frustrating and more enjoyable because you see yourself improving. Repeating the new movement you learned ingrains it into your muscle memory to reinforce your better playing habit.

Want to improve your guitar playing fast? Learn more ways to fix your bad habits using the tips in this article about getting better at guitar.

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