Learn How To Teach Advanced Guitar Techniques And Inspire Your Students

Teaching guitar students advanced techniques is very rewarding when you see them making massive improvement. However, if they are not properly inspired to practice what you teach them at home, they do not make much progress. This leaves you and your student frustrated when they come back next week with the same problems they had last week. You solve this by showing them exactly how to practice during the lesson, then selling them on why they need to practice exactly as you say.

Watch this video to learn how to effectively teach advanced techniques to your guitar students:

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Here are the important points to take away from this video on how to teach guitar students:

1. When you teach guitar students, most of your guitar students won’t naturally do what you want them to do, even if what you are saying would help them improve. 

2. A better approach to take when teaching guitar is explain to your guitar students what is causing the guitar playing problem they are struggling with. This helps your guitar students to see the connection between the cause of their problem and the solution you are presenting as you are teaching guitar to them. 

3. The next step in teaching guitar is to train your students on applying the solution to their playing. Get them to practice guitar (applying your solution) right in front of you and experience the results.

That means when you are done teaching guitar to your guitar students and they go home – they become more likely to practice what you trained them on and become better even faster.

So, when it comes to learning how to teach guitar students, the single most important piece to remember is: teach less – train more!

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