How To Train Your Guitar Students To Improvise Guitar Solos

by Tom Hess

Effective guitar teaching is about training your students though the learning process. You can train your students to be more creative and improvise their own cool guitar solos.

This video shows how to coach your guitar students to become creative improvisers:

Tip 1: Always give your students an easy victory when you begin training them. Example: let them solo over a chord progression with full triads, using a clean tone, slow harmonic rhythm and chords that contain many common tones.

This style of accompaniment makes improvising very simple (and makes your students sound better even if they are new to lead guitar).

Getting easy victories helps your students build self-confidence (and trust you more). It also helps you persuade your students to do what you tell them to do.

Tip 2: Praise your students very heavily after every achievement. Your praise makes them more motivated to work on more challenging improvising assignments after the foundation has been established.

This article shows you another example of how to train your guitar students to reach their musical goals.

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