What You Need To Know About Starting To Teach Guitar

Study the resources below to learn what the most successful 1% of guitar teachers do to build thriving businesses and use this advice to become the dominating teacher in your area:

How To Teach Guitar To Beginners
Beginner Guitar LessonMost guitar students who come to you for lessons will be beginners...so you'd better know how to teach them effectively if you want to stay in business for long. These resources will show you the best ways of teaching guitar to beginners. Learn more.
Find The Best Guitar Teaching Materials And Methods
Guitar Teaching MaterialsLearn how to easily know what and how to teach your students at all times, to help them get better results faster from you...without you working an extra 40+ hours each week preparing new lesson content. These guitar teaching resources will show you how easy it is to do this. Learn more.
How To Get A LOT Of New Guitar Students
How To Get Guitar StudentsThe #1 problem for most guitar teachers is attracting new students and keeping their schedule full all year. Study these resources to learn how EASY it actually is to attract guitar students like crazy. Learn more.
How To Earn A LOT Of Money Teaching Guitar
Earn A Lot Of Money Teaching GuitarMost guitar teachers are lucky to earn $35,000-40,000 per year...the most successful ones earn multiple 6-figures per year. Study the resources on this page to learn how you can easily earn 6-figures teaching guitar (working part-time!) Learn more.

Teach Guitar By Coaching Your StudentsHow To Teach Guitar Effectively By Coaching Your Students American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Your guitar students become better players fast when you inspire and motivate them during their lessons with you. Learn how to help your students overcome their challenges and not give up by checking out the coaching tips in this guitar teacher training video.

Teach Guitar The Right WayHow To Get Results For Guitar Students With Small Victories American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
To get great results for your guitar students, you must train them in a way that motivates them. Most guitar students have low levels of self-confidence and need small victories to get them to persevere. When you give them this, they get better much faster. Learn how to do it by watching this guitar teaching video.

How To Train Guitar StudentsHow To Train Your Guitar Students To Become Better Players American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Helping your guitar students become better players requires more than teaching them musical ideas. You also need to coach and train them. Learn how to do these things by reading this guitar teaching article.

Tom Hess teaching guitar for a livingHow To Quit Your Day Job And Make A Living Teaching Guitar USA Flag
You do NOT have to work at a 9-5 job you hate for the rest of your life! Making a living as a gutar teacher is fun, rewarding, and much less risky. Plus, you're probably ready to start teaching guitar right now... Learn why by reading this article on how to teach guitar for a living.  

Why guitar teachers failWhy Guitar Teachers Fail And How You Can Succeed American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Most guitar teachers can’t earn more than $40,000 per year teaching guitar no matter how hard they try. Successful guitar teachers earn $30,000-40,000 (or more) per MONTH. Learn the key difference between guitar teachers who fail and those who succeed and discover how to become hugely successful teaching guitar.

Succeed as a guitar teacherThe One Proven Way To Succeed As A Guitar Teacher American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Only a few guitar teachers will achieve the highest level of success – earning 6-figures+ per year and producing excellent guitar students. However, everyone has the potential to do this... including you. Learn how by reading this guitar teaching success article.

Keys To Guitar Teaching Success 5 Action Steps To Building A Massively Successful Guitar Teaching Business USA Flag
To become the #1 guitar teacher in your area, you must use the same principles that successful teachers use to beat their competition. These strategies work regardless of your current teaching skills, your location, or your musical credentials. These 5 keys determine your guitar teaching success.  

Learn how to get started teaching guitarHow To Get Started Teaching Guitar American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Do you want to get started teaching guitar, but don’t feel confident in your teaching abilities yet? Don't give up just yet, it's a lot easier to become a successful guitar teacher than you might think. Gain confidence and become a great guitar teacher fast by avoiding the most common guitar teaching mistakes - Read this article about how to start teaching guitar while avoiding the largest mistakes made by beginning guitar teachers.

Tom Hess Teaching A Guitar Student The BIG Error That Keeps You ‘Just Out Of Reach’ Of Becoming Successful Teaching Guitar USA Flag
The difference between wild success and total failure as a guitar teacher comes down to one fundamental thing that one group does and the other doesn't do. It explains why there are many teachers who possess equally good teaching skills and potential, yet only ‘some’ of them will succeed, while the rest will continue to struggle. Learn why this happens and how to prevent this from happening to you in this article about the biggest guitar teaching mistake.  

Guitar Teaching Strengths And WeaknessesAssess Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A Guitar Teacher American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Assess your current level of success as a guitar teacher and find out if you are on track to becoming the #1 most successful guitar teacher in your area. Take 3 minutes to answer the questions and receive my feedback about your answers. The advice in my feedback will help you to take specific steps to reaching your goals as a guitar teacher. Test your current level of success teaching guitar.  

Guitar Teaching Questions 7 Guitar Teaching Questions You Should Never Ask American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Before you ask another question about teaching guitar, know that many of the questions you ask will hurt both you and your students. These questions are based on false assumptions that will lead your business toward failure. Learn the top 7 guitar teaching questions you should never ask if you want to build a successful guitar teaching business.  

Overwhelmed Guitar Teacher9 Reasons Why Guitar Teachers Tread Water In Their Businesses American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
There are many reasons why even experienced guitar teachers struggle to grow their businesses, make more money and help A LOT of people reach their guitar playing goals. You need to be aware of what they are and make sure that you don't suffer from them in your business. Learn about 9 of these very common mistakes you must avoid in your guitar teaching.  

How To Become A Successful Guitar Teacher Why Your Guitar Teaching Strengths Can Doom You To Failure American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
The most surprising cause of failure for guitar teachers is caused by your most positive attributes that can hold your guitar teaching success back in significant ways. Worst of all, this often happens without you realizing it. Read this article to protect yourself from these commonly unnoticed, underestimated or misunderstood obstacles to your guitar teaching success.  

Resources for guitar teachersGuitar Teaching Tips American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Before you can earn tons of money teaching guitar and get great results for your students, you are going to face problems that seem to have no clear solutions. In these times, you need to continue to look for answers and push through in order to achieve your ultimate goals as a guitar teacher. Use these 15 free guitar teaching tips to maintain a forward momentum and solve any guitar teaching problems you face.

How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students eCourse How To Get A Lot Of New Guitar Students American Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
Learn all of my very best strategies, tactics, tools, techniques and secrets for filling your guitar teaching schedule and have students choose you over any other guitar teacher in your area. These are the very same methods I’ve used to become the dominating guitar teacher in my town (years before I started teaching online) and that I’ve trained hundreds of guitar teachers to use to build their highly successful businesses and music schools. Learn how to attract guitar students like crazy.  

How To Teach Guitar The Right Way eCourseThe 21 Things You Better Know About How To Teach Guitar Before You Ever Teach Guitar AgainAmerican Flag - Tom Hess Article American Version
The ultimate "How to teach guitar" guide for guitar teachers. Discover the proven methods on how to teach guitar that destroy the conventional approach to helping guitar students become great guitar players. You'll also learn what to do if you don’t know what to teach someone, how to teach students at varying skill levels, and how to approach very difficult-to-teach topics such as scales and modes, improvising and reading music. I will also tell you about all the mistakes that guitar teachers constantly make when teaching, and why their students make slow progress as a result... Most importantly, you will learn how to avoid these mistakes in ‘your’ teaching, help your students progress faster, get them to remain your students for years and grow your reputation as the dominating guitar teacher in your area. Learn how to teach guitar the right way.

Tom Hess Coaching A Guitar Teacher

How To Become The #1 Highest Earning Guitar Teacher In Your Area
Getting lots of guitar students is only ONE piece of the ‘guitar teacher success puzzle’. Go far beyond simply having ‘a lot of guitar students’ and get real training on how to build, grow and sustain every aspect of a massively successful guitar teaching business. Learn how to make 6 figures per year teaching guitar, work (a lot) less than 40 hours per week, help your students become great guitar players and live the life you’ve always dreamed about. Sounds unrealistic? Many of my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle members are already doing it and they got that result by using my proven and extremely effective guitar teacher training strategies and methods. Becoming the most successful guitar teacher in your area is DEFINITELY within your reach, and if you are committed to getting this result - I will commit myself to getting you there. Read this page about personalized guitar teacher training.


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