The One Thing You Must Teach To Transform Your Guitar Students Into Great Musicians

by Tom Hess

What is one of the most frustrating challenges your guitar students face that keeps them from becoming great students?

Answer: They don't know how to play real music on guitar because they can’t integrate their skills together.

Most guitar players just play through isolated scale patterns, licks or riffs over and over.

Then when it comes time to solo, improvise or write music - they repeat these same things and feel frustrated when they don't know how to play creatively.

When you show your guitar students how to integrate their skills together, you help them feel like real musicians instead of just guitar players who can play a few cool licks.

For example: Show your students how to combine sweep picking with scales. This brings two completely different skills together so they are able to use them in a musical manner.

This video shows how to do it:

Showing your students how to integrate their skills together doesn't require much preparation and it’s very fun to teach. Additionally, learning how to integrate skills together gives your students confidence in themselves and helps them grow faster as musicians.

This makes guitar lessons more fun for them and inspires them to learn from you for much longer.

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