Where And How Do The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Sessions Take Place?

Answer: All Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle (EGTIC) members receive:

  • 2 powerful coaching sessions every month. Usually one of these is about building your guitar teaching business and the other is about improving your guitar teaching skills (which also helps you build your business faster).

    All sessions are recorded and made available for download in your account on my website.
  • As a Platinum member you receive private 1 on 1 implementation support calls with me. There are 6 of these calls per month on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition to your opportunity to speak directly to me about your specific challenges, you also receive the recordings of all other Platinum members' implementation support calls each month. This is very powerful for you, because most of the topics that come up on those calls apply to you directly or indirectly.
  • An equally strong benefit to you as a Platinum member is access to the EGTIC Platinum mastermind support group! In addition to the support you receive from me in your implementation support calls, you get to connect with other highly successful guitar teachers in the program (many of whom earn 6-figures or multiple 6-figures per year). This community is another powerful place to get all your questions (correctly) answered, have your marketing materials critiqued, address your specific challenges in detail and help you to keep moving forward. I'm also very active on the forum, so this is another place for you to interact with me directly.
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