Question: Hi Tom Hess! I want to know about guitar exercises - once I play an exercise clean and at my full speed, do I have to play another exercise? How much time do I have to spend on one exercise?

Tom Hess's Answer: The answer to this question depends entirely on your goals with a particular exercise and the role that a certain exercise serves in the big picture of your guitar playing. There is no “one” answer that works for all exercises, since every exercise can (and should) be practiced for different reasons, with different short-term goals in mind. However, as a general rule - if you have already mastered an exercise on guitar in isolation, you will benefit greatly by learning how to apply it in a musical situation (such as soloing, improvising or songwriting). This will make you a much better guitar player and overall musician and help you go beyond simply “playing the notes” of any particular exercise.

If you are unsure about what you should be working on in your guitar playing right now, do these things:

1. Determine your musical goals.

2. Find out which exercises you need to work on by reading this guitar exercises article.

3. Work with a teacher who will help you take out all guesswork from your practicing.

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