Question: When I practice my guitar solos sound ok but it falls apart when playing guitar live with my band. Why?

Tom Hess's Answer: Playing guitar in a band often means locking into a groove with everyone else (NOT simply playing your part in isolation) under various circumstances. Although it is important to play your part perfectly (you should practice to be able to do this at home, NOT during rehearsal), also be prepared to recover mid-song from other band member’s mistakes, play with differences in volume, see in poor lighting or adjust to any other number of events that can occur in a live setting. While you are at home, make sure you are practicing to “never get it wrong” – read this article about how to not make mistakes in your guitar playing to learn more about this.

Additionally, you might be suffering from nervousness or stage fright while playing with your band. Learn how to effectively deal with this by reading this article about eliminating stage fright while playing guitar.

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