Question: Why are my guitar skills are developing much slower than my skills on other instruments? I practice all the instruments in the same way. However, it seems like I am stuck in the same place on the guitar. I started some serious practice on my arpeggios on keyboard few weeks ago and I can already "shred" it. There is also much more improvement in my violin playing (which is an instrument I consider much harder than guitar). I spent usually around 3-4 hours practicing guitar, 2 hours violin and 1 hour keyboard daily.

Tom Hess's Answer: Since you are not currently a student of mine, I do not know your specific musical goals or guitar playing strengths / weaknesses (so I cannot tell you specifically what you should be practicing). However, to get better at guitar much faster, you need to stop worrying about “how much” guitar practice you are doing, and focus on “quality” of that practice time instead. It is clear that whatever practice you are doing on other instruments is simply more effective than the practice approaches you use for guitar. So my suggestions to you are as follows:

1. Determine exactly what you should be practicing on guitar.

2. Make sure that your practice approaches are highly effective (read this article about effective guitar practice to understand what this involves)

3. Take guitar lessons with a proven guitar teacher who has a reputation for helping hundreds of people just like you to become great guitar players.

Find an electric guitar teacher now and start becoming a great guitarist.

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