Make Your Guitar Speed Feel Natural & Effortless Using 3 Simple Tips

by Tom Hess

Simply moving your hands faster is not the best way to get faster guitar speed.

Increasing your speed is means: “getting more from less”.


Make your finger and hand movements as efficient as possible to eliminate inconsistency in your technique (this way you are able to play more notes in less time = faster)

Practice using these three tips to get faster guitar speed that feels like second nature:

Make Playing With Faster Guitar Speed Feel Effortless Using Less Force When You Fret Notes

Generally speaking: always fret notes on guitar using only as much force as needed to get the notes to sound. This video explains exactly how to do it:

Invest just a few minutes every day into practicing guitar using just enough pressure (as shown in the video) until it becomes the normal way you play.

This makes it feel infinitely less challenging to play guitar with fast speed.

Develop Consistently Accurate Guitar Speed By Tightening Up Your Tremolo Picking

Clean, fast tremolo technique means:

  • Being able to pick a note very fast
  • Being able to pick that note (or multiple notes) fast while maintaining consistent speed

You might think that tremolo picking fast means moving your hand as fast as you can…

Think again!

Getting faster speed picking is all about moving more efficiently.

This video explains how to make your tremolo picking efficient:

Apply the advice in this video every time you tremolo pick to improve your consistent speed.

Play Super-Fast Scales Using Efficient Pick Movement

It’s easy for your hands to get out of sync from each other on guitar – leading to sloppy playing.

What causes this?

There can be many things, but one of the biggest issues is:

Inefficient motion

This is what makes it feel like a struggle to play guitar with speed while playing scales that move from one pattern to another.

For instance: Do you use alternate picking as your main approach to playing scales? This creates an issue.

What issue?

Using strict alternate picking while moving from string to string often causes you to waste motion by moving in the pick in the opposite direction of the next string you want to play. This makes it very hard to play consistency clean and fast.


Learn all about using the most efficient picking approach possible by watching the videos in this guitar string skipping speed article.

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