Abelardo Oquendo

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Location: Granada, Spain
E-mail:      abeoquendo@yahoo.com
Website: abeoquendoheraud.com
Occupation:  Guitarist And Composer
Style Jazz, Latin, Pop, Bossa, Rock, Fusion
mp3 After The Longest Dream
Journey To The Heart
Take Me Away

Originally from Peru, South America, Abelardo picked up the guitar by age 13 and learned first by ear. In 1997, he studied composition with composer Walter Casas, and eventually applied for the National Conservatory of music, where he was accepted in the School of Composition. In 1988, he studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology.

After graduating from GIT, Abelardo stayed in L.A. to further his studies with guitarists Jamie Glazer and the late Ted Green.

In 1991, moved to New York where he worked with singer Alana Cahoon. They started playing as a duo and eventually formed a pop-rock band that played in many of the famous venues in Bleecker street. In 2000, he moved to Barcelona where he worked closely with the Sakya Tashi Ling monastery of Tibetan Buddhism led by Jamyang Tashi Dorje Rimpoche. In 1998, he was commissioned by Rimpoche to work at composing music for the Lineage Payers of the Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism. That work became the CD, “In Search of Happiness.” In 2002, back in the US, Abelardo decided to go back to school and in 2004 he graduated with a Masters in Jazz History and Research from Rutgers. He also studied with guitarist Kenny Wessel. In 2007, he formed a jazz duo with Trevor Warren. In 2013, Trevor and Abelardo recorded the CD, “Migrations,” published in London by the 33Jazz label. In 2010, Abelardo also formed a duo with Portuguese multi-instrumentalist Ricardo Passos, Mitakuye Oyassin. In 2011, they recorded the CD, “Ceremonia” (Ceremony). Abelardo's latest solo work CD, “After The Longest Dream,” is a return to the song with lyrics. It merges all of Abelardo’s influences, classical music, rock, jazz, latin music, Peruvian music, poetry and spirituality. Abelardo recently released a CD with music for children’s Yoga with his wife, Christine McArdle called “We Are One”. Always looking to perfect himself as a musician and a guitar player, he is currently studying with Tom Hess.

Records Released:    
  • 2014 After The Longest Dream
  After The Longest Dream - Abelardo Oquend
  • 2013 Migrations
  Migrations - Abelardo Oquend
  • 2011 Ceremonia
  Ceremonia - Abelardo Oquend
  • 1998 In Search of Happiness
  In Search Of Happiness - Abelardo Oquend

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