B.C. Cliver

Music Careers Mentoring Program
Location: San Francisco, CA
Website: bccliver.com
E-mail: bccliver@yahoo.com
Occupation:  Musician, Certified Personal Trainer
Style Hard Rock
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B.C. Cliver is an intriguing musical anomaly living in San Francisco, CA. A vocalist, guitarist, and arranger, she combines modern hard rock and metal sensibilities with a classical music background.

B.C.'s first instrument is voice, with which she's been performing since age 11. She received a Bach. of Music/Applied Voice degree from the University of Wisconsin, as a classically trained contralto. However, diversity is one of her hallmarks, and she has sung and performed with a wide variety of bands, choirs and ensembles, including such diverse genres as blues, jazz, soul, hard rock, metal, and even gospel. Her rich, deep, intense voice spans and transcends categories, and is versatile enough to make her memorable regardless of the genre she sings.

B.C. has also played guitar since a young age. She was a recent participant in Total Guitar Mastery Training Week with Tom Hess, and found it a truly technique and mind-altering experience. Again, although her heart is in hard rock and metal, she's played blues, pop/rock, punk and singer/songwriter genres in various bands in the San Francisco area.

An accomplished personal trainer, B.C. is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Specialist. Her specialties include post-injury and surgical recovery, and RSI rehabilitation. She has been able to incorporate her extensive knowledge of kinetic anatomy and stretching to help many musicians with pain and tension issues. She is working with fellow MCMP member and guitarist Lou Lombardi on the ebook/video "Rockstar Bodies For Musicians Over 40".

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