Bojana Cibej

Music Careers Mentoring Program
Location: Slovenia, Europe 
Occupation:  Vocalist and architect
mp3 Devojka s tremi sinovi - The girl with three sons

Bojana’s musical performances are shaped as historical tales. In most cases she acts as a Renaissance lady Eleonora Sobjeska from Rihemberk and Struga. In the songs (that are accompanied by her lute playing) she sings about unfulfilled longing, sadness, joy, hope and a variety of feelings that inspired medieval and Renaissance troubadours and folk poets. The research of past music and its performance present both a challenge and a source of love to her. She arranges her music in the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque traditions of different lands, languages and cultures while working with various musical ensembles. She sings in fourteen different languages and has appeared in over 400 public performances. 

For the last two years she has been performing music with her brother Klemen Cibej, who acts as Leonhard della Torre, a young troubadour skilled with another Renaissance instrument – the cittern. Together they formed a band named Gita.

Since 2008, Bojana works as the director of her private foundation “Svitar”, which was established as an institute for history, fine arts, and shaping the landscape. It is the foundation that provides the framework for all of her artistic activities.

Records Released:

  • 2010 - Gitice: Eleonora in Leonhard (folk and mythological lyrics)
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