Daniel Sitterli

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Location:  Linz, Austria
E-Mail: sitt1@gmx.at
Style Metal, Rock, Acoustic
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Daniel is a musician from Austria aspiring to become a world class shredder and singer. He started playing guitar at the age of 16, but only began to take his progress seriously after taking guitar lessons with Tom Hess.

"It's amazing how a great teacher can change everything. He knows exactly where I'm struggling and knows the antidote to every little itch I'm having. It's sometimes scary how well adapted and structured his lessons are."

Some of Daniels influences are Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, Angra, Extreme, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queen, Joe Satriani, Marco Sfogli and Paul Gilbert.

About Taking Electric Guitar Lessons With Tom Hess:

Daniel is just one of many guitar players to take lessons with Tom Hess and take their skills to a much higher level in a short period of time.

If you are currently trying to learn guitar on your own, you will benefit greatly from taking lessons as well. No matter where you are at in your playing, taking lessons with a teacher makes learning much more fun and less frustrating.

Here is what you need to understand about taking lessons with a guitar teacher:

An experienced guitar teacher helps you learn things you never knew plus show you ways to improve your skills that you never would’ve thought of on your own.

So, you could be asking yourself this:

“Why should I take guitar lessons if I seem to be doing fine on my own. Is a guitar teacher really that helpful?”


Having a guitar teacher removes all the guessing you would normally have to do on your own in order to make get better more fun while you improve your skills in less time.

Don't know what to work on to get better?

Want to play guitar solos and licks that really make people stop and pay attention?

Want to perform in front of others without nervousness ruining everything?

Find a guitar teacher and you will be able to do all these things.

You'll feel great about deciding to take lessons too.


Your guitar teacher will help you see things in your playing that you simply didn’t have the experience to see – you’ll start feeling the “click” when everything makes sense and you start playing like you’ve never played before… all in very little time compared to how long it’d take to learn this stuff on your own.

Sound good?

Of course it does!

Don't let your guitar playing sit on hold - The longer you wait to take guitar lessons, the longer you have to wait to play guitar the way you always wanted.

Become a great guitarist faster than ever by taking lessons from a guitar teacher online.

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