Music Careers Mentoring Program
Location: Sacramento, CA USA
Occupation:  Turntablist, Composer, Scratch DJ Instructor
Style: Turntablism/Fusion
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Kwote is a professional turntablist, composer and scratch DJ instructor from the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has a wide range of influences, including but not limited to:

D-Styles, Toadstyle, Myka 9, Hip Hop Kclan, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Stanley Clark, Tangerine Dream, Autechre, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman and Tom Hess.

In 2010 Kwote was featured with multiple artists throughout the world on a guitar based compilation entitled: 'Shrouded In Sound'.

His primary background in music began in 1996 as a Hip-Hop DJ. Over the course of a year, Kwote discovered the thrill of scratching and commenced to put much more effort towards those ends. By 2002, he had multiple open turntable sessions throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles under his belt and was ready to embark on his path of turntablism based music production. Over time Kwote found it essential for his art to expand with the acquisition of a modular synthesizer. This led him to involvement in multiple independent releases and airplay on various podcasts in 2008-2009.

In early 2009, Kwote began playing electric guitar and soon found out how much transferable knowledge could be used towards realizing his goals in scratching.

Kwote has been mentored by Tom Hess as a member of Tom's music career development program. A stellar program where challenges that lead to opportunities for growth and success are plentiful. It was during this time in Tom's mentoring program that he realized how important it was for him to share his knowledge of scratching with others. Kwote now regularly releases free instructional articles and eBooks for Turntablists of all skill levels.

Kwote is always looking for ways to progress in everything he does. Thus, he regularly invests tons of time and dedication into improving as a turntablist, composer and scratch DJ instructor. His ultimate mission is to inspire others to not only enjoy life, but to live their dreams to the fullest.

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