Ramon Chacon Freixa

Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Practice Generator
Location: Berga, Barcelona, Spain
E-mail:      rchacon777@hotmail.com
Website: myspace.com/rchacon777, youtube/rchacon777
Occupation: Guitar teacher and performing artist
mp3 Down 2 Hell
Trust In Me Sample

Ramon started taking guitar lessons at the age of 21 with several local teachers, after first going through a few years of teaching himself. He studied with Albert Mas, a well known guitarist from Barcelona and a contributor to many guitar magazines. Ramon is now studying with Tom Hess in online guitar lessons to take his guitar playing to an even higher level.  He has also successfully completed a program of studying modern harmony, arrangements and improvisation in jazz at Musinetwork.  Currently Ramon works as a guitar teacher at the school "Tallers Musical" in Berga (Barcelona) and plays with the rock cover band “GANGBAND” as well as a metalcore band "ACTS OF GOD".

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