Tarek Malki

Music Careers Mentoring Program
Location: Syria, France
E-mail:      trkmalki@graffiti.net
Website:     myspace.com/tarekalmalki
Occupation: Professional Musician
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Tarek Malki was Born in Damascus 1983.

His first piano lesson was at the age of 9. He played piano for three years before switching to classical guitar. In the year 2000 he entered the high institute of music in Damascus and the faculty of fine art at the same time. He finished his studies there in 2007 and then moved to Lyon to attend the regional conservatory of Lyon and study with Jesus Castro Balbi.

Tarek participated in many master classes and took lessons in Spain, Italy, Germany, and France with very famous classical guitarists such as: David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Odair Assad, Roberto Aussel, Roland Dyens, Antigoni Goni, Olivier Chassin, Bill Kanengiser, Ricardo Gallen, Dale Kavanagh, Gerald Garcia, Arnaud Dumond and many others. In 2007, Tarek won the 2nd prize at the National Guitar Competition of Ceyz√©riat (France).  

On top of his career as a classical guitarist, Tarek also plays electric guitar with several ensembles in many musical styles such as Rock and Bakanian music. He also participated in several concerts with oriental music ensembles.

Currently Tarek is learning how to expand his music career in Tom Hess' Music Careers Mentoring Program.

How To Become A Professional In The Music Biz

Wish you had the blueprint for what it takes to make it in the music biz and turn it into your #1 source of profit? Musicians who want to grow their careers want to learn how to do things like become a common name, quit your mindless job and do music instead, get better gigs, join popular musical groups, never have to feel concerned over having money, etc.

Thing is:

Every musician is curious about these things, but very few people seek to learn what thinking styles, views and activities keep you from becoming the correct musician to do them! By not having this degree of knowledge, it becomes really complicated to get what you want in this world.

The following are critical things to keep away from in order to make growing a music career much easier:

1. Don't take your music career success insight from those who do not have expertise or can offer confirmation that they have made it for themselves.

2. Dont think that doing work in the music industry is a tough way to make money. It's actually very steady when you realize how to do it.

3. Don't attend college for a music degree unless it is % necessary for your individual music career goals.

4. Don't neglect the usefulness of building a local database of fans as well as developing a fanbase through social media.

5. Don't build upon guessing about what to do next to guide the success of your music career.

Developing a music career by yourself is the easiest way to add risk and unpredictability into your career. The more effective answer is to work together with a music industry coach.

Why is this important?

This gives you the specialized experience, education and insight of an individual who has already accomplished every single thing you wanted to in this business. Having this person on your side gives you the ability to do anything you want in your career without all the unknown variables.

And also:

Getting music business guidance with a mentor helps you realize exactly what you need to do, say and have to become the best person in music for the largest opportunities. This makes sure that you are motivated every step of the way until you finally become the musician you want to be.

Ready to finally get things off the ground with an incredible music career?

Realize your music career dreams.

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