7 Things Your Guitar Teacher Will Never Tell You

by Tom Hess

7-Things-Your-Guitar-Teacher-Will-Never-Tell-YouIf you are currently taking guitar lessons, or thinking about taking them in the future, there are 7 things your guitar teacher will probably never tell you.

  1. "I have zero actual training on how to teach guitar". Although some guitar teachers may have taken lessons or gone to music school to learn how to play guitar themselves, 19 out of 20 guitar teachers have absolutely NO training whatsoever on how to teach guitar. They simply began teaching by 'winging it' and have been 'winging it' ever since. It's a good thing these guys are not your doctor, lawyer or auto-mechanic. It amazes me how few students ever even ask their teachers where they learned to teach, and fewer still ever verify it… it's no wonder most students who learn from average guitar teachers never become advanced players.
  2. "Your chance of ever becoming an advanced guitar player is very low if you learn from me". Although your teacher may teach many guitar students, very few (if any) of them are truly advanced. Why? Because most (if not all) of his students failed to ever learn or achieve anything on an advanced level. Hmm, the chances of you ever becoming an advanced guitar player are pretty bleak as long as you are taking guitar lessons with that same teacher who isn't getting big results with his other students either.
  3. "Keeping you down at the beginner or intermediate level is how I stay in business". Because most guitar teachers have little if any advanced guitar students, their level of expertise, experience and confidence teaching anyone on an advanced level is very low. It puts the average teacher out of his comfort zone and he fears you may quit if you ever get really good at guitar. Sadly, many teachers falsely believe that holding you back as you take guitar lessons with them is the best way for them to keep you paying them money.
  4. "I only offer private one-on-one guitar lessons because I have no idea how to teach you in better formats". FACT: Teaching in the traditional one-to-one private lesson format is absolutely NOT the best way to teach or learn guitar. Most guitar teachers will swear up and down and tell you that it is, but that's only because they don't have the training, expertise or awareness that other teaching formats would bring you greater results on guitar in less time.
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    "I have no clue what I'm going to teach you this week, so I'll 'wing it' by quickly thinking of 'something' in the 30 seconds it takes you to get your guitar out of its case". It's bad enough that most teachers don't know or use the best guitar teaching strategies, but it's far worse that most have actually no plan to teach you whatsoever. Think about it, how many times have you taken a guitar lesson where you felt 100% confident that your guitar teacher was 100% prepared (with a specific and customized plan to teach YOU) before you walked in the door? Probably not very often (if ever).
  6. "I don't really have the knowledge, experience or skills to help you reach your specific, unique and personalized musical goals, so instead I'll hide behind some one-size-fits-all approach to teaching you as if your personal goals don't really matter". The opposite of point 5 above is when a guitar teacher is so insecure about his teaching that he seeks out a 'method' to 'hide behind' because he doesn't have a clue about what else to do. When I first start coaching a guitar teacher, one of the first things I hear from him/her is, "Tom, I don't know how to help my students to become really good and I'm afraid that they'll sense that. Is there a set of books or methods that I can use to teach each student so that I never have to ask myself "What am I supposed to teach this student this week?" Although there are some good method books for teaching beginner guitar students (in fact I wrote two of them), once the student is no longer a beginner, it's time to move on from those method books and get into goal-oriented and customizable lesson strategies.
  7. "I might be able to show you 'what to play', but teaching you how to be creative is something I can't do". Fact is, the vast majority of guitar teachers have no idea how to teach you to be a creative musician. Most falsely believe that creativity cannot be taught and that you either are naturally creative or you are not. In other words, he will show you what to play, but not how to create your own music which is just as cool as your favorite guitar players. Truth is, creativity absolutely CAN be taught and learned… most teachers simply don't know how.

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