How To Teach Guitar More Effectively Than Anyone Else And Get Great Results For Your Students

by Tom Hess

Don’t make the same mistake unsuccessful guitar teachers make of treating your students like robots. Translation: only focusing on teaching musical/guitar concepts but not on coaching them and motivating them.

Your guitar students are people with unique motivations, frustrations and insecurities. You do not help them become amazing guitar players by simply showing them how to play things on guitar. You must help them solve their problems to reach their musical goals while holding their hand and motivating them every step of the way.

This is what successful guitar teachers do. They teach people. When do this, your guitar teaching becomes MUCH more effective, you earn more money, get referrals that lead to new students and feel great because you have such a positive impact on your students’ musical lives.

Here are a few simple ways to apply this concept into your guitar teaching right now:

  1. When your guitar student succeeds at playing something correctly for the first time, celebrate it. Acknowledge their victory. This gives them the confidence that they need to continue improving and push through in times when they struggle.
  2. Track your students’ progress. When your students see they are getting better every week (because you can show them which specific areas of their playing are improving), they feel empowered and motivated to become even better next week.
  3. Teach your students in group formats. This encourages them to interact with others in a positive environment. Over time they begin to support each other’s progress and develop bonds that motivate them to become great players.
  4. Teach your guitar students how to practice at home so they can make fast progress.

How to inspire your guitar students to practice

Note: Teaching your students how to practice is critical for helping them to become great players and keep coming back for more lessons.

Get detailed advice to help you in this area by reading this article about getting guitar students to practice.

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