The Big Mistake That Makes It A Struggle To Teach Guitar For A Living

By Tom Hess

Earning a great living teaching guitar does not have to be hard... but it often feels hard if you have a weak lesson policy.

Having a weak teaching policy allows your students pay for lessons on a weekly basis (instead of monthly) or request make-up lessons when they don't come to their regularly scheduled lessons. 

This leads to the following problems (for you and your students):

  • You waste a lot of time chasing students who pay late (which makes it harder to focus on delivering value to your other students).
  • You waste even more time teaching lessons that you don't get paid for (which happens when you teach make up lessons).
  • Your students take lessons less seriously and become less likely to practice and do what you tell them to do to improve their skills.

All of this hurts your students' progress and makes it hard to earn serious money teaching guitar.

Infographic about common guitar teaching mistakes

One of the first things to do when creating your teaching policy is charge for lessons one month in advance. This makes your students more motivated to show up on time and practice hard to get their money’s worth. Step two is to enforce a strict “no make-up lessons” policy.

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