How To Stop “Guitar Teaching Insanity” And Make A Lot Of Money Teaching Guitar

Einstein said the definition of INSANITY is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Unfortunately, this is the mental approach that the majority of guitar teachers take when trying to make a living teaching guitar lessons… and is a huge reason why most of them never become financially successful.

Why Copying Other Guitar Teachers Doesn't Make Money

“Guitar teaching insanity” is the result of copying what other teachers around you are doing as you try to build your own business teaching guitar. Fact is, most guitar teachers are only “guessing” and “assuming” what works for growing a successful guitar teaching business…with NO real clue whether they are on the right path or not (I’ll prove why below). So copying the wrong things from other guitar teachers and then doing those wrong things over and over again in your business leads to:…you guessed it…”guitar teaching insanity”.

Here are 6 critical reasons why copying other guitar teachers guarantees that you will never make good money teaching guitar:

Reason #1 - Most Guitar Teachers Have No Idea How To Achieve Great Results With Their Students

If you look at the student roster of most guitar teachers, you will find A LOT of students who are not making any real progress towards their musical goals. And the few students these teachers have who actually play well, were likely already good players before starting lessons. You can intelligently conclude this to be the case, if the teacher’s list of “good” students is extremely small compared to the total number of students he/she teaches.

What do you think happens if you take advice from (or copy) the way these teachers teach their students? Answer: your own students will struggle to make progress and you will develop the same reputation as “just another mediocre guitar teacher”.

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Reason #2 – Most Guitar Teachers Are Barely Making Ends Meet

Most guitar teachers rely on the conventional wisdom they hear from one another about how to make money through teaching - ending up broke as a result. Here are three destructive (yet common) pieces of advice you may have already heard and SEEN practiced by most guitar teachers you know:

  1. “You should lower your lesson rates to attract more guitar students.” This advice couldn’t be more wrong and damaging (both for your income AND for your students). Learn why setting low lesson rates is killing your business in this article about making a living teaching guitar.
  2. “You will have more students if you advertise guitar lessons for all styles/ages/skill levels.” Download this free eBook about earning more money teaching guitar to learn why this approach fails, and what to do instead to massively grow your teaching business.
  3. “Summer is a slow time for getting new students…better take it easy on advertising and marketing for guitar lessons, since it’s not even worth the effort.” Such a mindset guarantees total failure and financial struggle for you…not just during the summer, but in EVERY season of the year. Read this article about growing your guitar teaching business in the summer to learn why this is so.

Reason #3 - Most Guitar Teachers Work Tons Of Hours And Feel Stressed Out All The Time

One of fastest ways to burn yourself out as a guitar teacher is to copy the way most teachers teach: trying to get as many students as possible and teaching them all one-on-one. Most teachers strive to do this, (falsely) believing that it is the only way to make good money teaching guitar.

This fails for a few reasons:

  1. You severely (and permanently) restrict how much money you can earn by teaching one-on-one private lessons. Watch this guitar teaching business video to learn why.
  2. You will quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hours you must spend working one-on-one with students...not to mention dealing with: collecting payments, teaching makeup lessons, preparing lesson materials, scheduling, taxes, administrative issues, etc. All this will leave you with absolutely no time to do things like work on your music career, write music or become a better musician yourself.

As a result, most teachers have a choice to make: they either stop taking on more students than they can handle (losing money and failing to help as many people as they could) or continue to be perpetually miserable, frustrated and burned-out from working crazy hours every week.

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Reason #4 – Most Guitar Teachers Treat Guitar Teaching Like A “Job”

Most guitar teachers are not “business owners” (or they don’t run their guitar teaching like a business)... instead they only own their job. What does this mean? In short: A business is something that earns you money whether you are there or not. A job only pays you “while” you are working... and pays you once and only once for that hour of your life. Most guitar teachers spend all of their time “teaching” and never get the chance to actually grow their business.

Reason #5 – Most Guitar Teachers Have ZERO Training Or Qualifications To Teach Guitar

Instead of pursuing expert training for their profession, most guitar teachers think that they can learn all they need to know about teaching by trial and error and copying what “other” teachers do. As a result, new guitar teachers copy the methods that were ALSO copied by other teachers before them. Imagine what would happen if such “tribal” method of learning was the primary method of “education” for doctors, lawyers and accountants (for example)…and you will quickly see why it is true INSANITY to imitate the behavior of most guitar teachers.

Reason #6 – Most Guitar Teachers Are Forever “Stuck” At A Certain Income & Will Never Be Able To Earn More

You already know that the majority of guitar teachers have only a handful of students and earn very little. However, even those who experience a moderate level of financial success (such as earning “at least” $60000-$75000 per year teaching) will get STUCK there and never move beyond to $85k, 100k, 150k, 250k+ etc. in income.

Here is why:

The methods and strategies that help you attract your first 30 students will NEVER get you to 60 students…and what gets you to 60 students will never get you to 120 students…and beyond. The more students you work with, the more refined your guitar teaching business systems must become… or you will literally work yourself into insanity trying to keep up with your growing business. Inevitably these teachers give up trying to grow their business past a certain point…keeping themselves stuck at whatever level their limited business model enabled them to achieve.

What does this mean for you? If your ambition is to earn a lot more money than “average” teachers earn, STOP copying the business practices of other teachers who have not already reached the exact level of success you want to reach.

What You Should Do Instead Of Copying Other Guitar Teachers In Order To Make More Money

Instead of mindlessly “copying” what other guitar teachers do, you need to look for and accept a different approach - embracing an entirely different concept of yourself and your business. That different approach may include a fundamental change in the way you think of your role as a guitar teacher, your business systems, and the way you present yourself to your students. The best, most successful and most in-demand guitar teachers have all done this. There are two ways for you to do the same in your business:

Get Trained In Teaching Guitar By An Expert

The best, most successful and highest-earning guitar teachers work with an experienced guitar teacher trainer to improve their teaching skills, grow their  business and move past their income plateaus. By getting guitar teacher training, you will set yourself apart from the vast majority of other teachers who rely on guesswork, trial and error and word of mouth as their only “credentials” for teaching guitar.

Warning: as you become way more successful than your competitors, achieve greater results with your students and earn more money, you will start to see teachers in your area trying to copy YOU. However, you will ALWAYS have the strategic advantage and be many steps ahead of other guitar teachers who will not have the same knowledge/skills/training that you will have.

Seek Out And Surround Yourself With Highly Successful Guitar Teachers…And Learn From Them

Blindly copying other (mediocre) guitar teachers is a recipe for failure…but a strategic mastermind alliance with CHAMPION 6-figure-earning guitar teachers is the fastest proven way to launch your business into the stratosphere. I’ve seen this happen over and over again with my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle forum members (many of whom earn multiple 6-figures per year, teaching hundreds of students). Guitar teachers who enter such a network (and implement what they learn) QUICKLY transform their businesses and multiply their incomes.

Hint: you will have an easier time finding such a network if you look far outside your local area. Why? 2 reasons:

  1. Wildly successful guitar teachers are so rare to find, that the chance of you finding “many” of them in your local area is virtually zero.
  2. Any successful guitar teacher in your area will be smart enough to NEVER reveal his business secrets to another “local” competitor. On the other hand, a network with guitar teachers from areas far from yours can easily work to everyone’s mutual benefit and be worth its weight in gold!

Breaking away from doing what is “common” among guitar teachers may feel uncomfortable at first - as you see yourself departing deep into territory far away from that which is traditional and accepted. However, as your business starts to grow, your income and freedom soar and your students start to develop into amazing guitar players FAST, you will be glad that you broke the pattern of “guitar teaching insanity” and got on the path that leads to success.

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