Why Your Music Career Success Requires Knowing What NOT To Do

by Tom Hess

You rob your music career of its potential when you unknowingly make mistakes that sabotage your success. Even if you are doing a lot of things right, doing things wrong at the same time keeps your music career at a standstill.

This is why you must learn not only what to do but what NOT to do. Successful musicians are constantly looking for information to help them succeed. You must look for any opportunity to learn whether it comes in the form of proven, effective advice from your mentor or observing how a poor decision kept an amateur musician from ever achieving their goals.

Here are just a few (of many) examples of what NOT to do in order to grow a successful music career:

Investing more time into low-priority activities than your music career. This includes watching t.v., surfing the internet, playing games, or anything else that doesn’t bring you closer to your musical goals. Avoid having these things take priority in your life by scheduling time in advance to work on your music career each week.

Having many negative, pessimistic people in your life. People like this affect the way you see the world. The more of these people you have in your life, the less likely you are to have the high levels of motivation needed for massive success. Surround yourself with as many positive, empowering people as you can find. These people give you support and motivation that fuels you to succeed.

Beating Your Music Career Competitors 

Gaining the reputation of an amateur rather than a pro. Many musicians release low-quality music demos, use non-pro artwork for album covers, get promotional photos from hobbyist photographers and do tons of other things that make them look totally amateur. This negatively affects the way you are perceived by music companies, labels and other musicians (giving you less opportunities).

Trying to build a music career on your own. Building a music career by yourself sets you up to follow the false advice and myths put out there by other amateur musicians. Learning how to tell the difference between good advice and bad advice is key for your music career success.

Learn which music industry myths to avoid in order to make it as a pro musician.

Tom HessAbout Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains musicians how to leave their day jobs and build successful fulltime careers in the music industry.

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