What Guarantees Come With This Program?

Answer: None. I cannot guarantee any specific income level to you, because I cannot control what you will (or will not) do when you join this program.

That said, here are the results other members already achieved in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle:

Several dozen members earn at least 6-figures per year. About half of them earn over $200,000. We have members at the $300,000 level, $400,000 level and $500,000 level.

Our most successful member now earns $1,200,000 annually. You will meet these wonderful people in our online community. They are all friendly people and are happy to help new members.

We have successful members in many countries around the world.

Most of these people started with little to no guitar teaching experience. They simply applied what I coached them to do and achieved real results. If they can do it, so can you!

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