Question: I'm interested in the easiest and fastest way to learn barre chords? I'm practicing but it's very hard to change them quickly. Thanks.

Tom Hess's Answer: To learn to switch between barre chords, practice the motions of both hands in isolation first. For example, use a metronome and change between barre chords by ONLY making motions with the fretting hand (don’t use your picking hand to strum the chords yet). After doing this for several minutes, bring in your picking hand and begin strumming. As you strum the notes of the barre chord, keep your picking hand in perfect time (even if you must sacrifice a bit of accuracy for now). Then go back to only practicing the chord shapes with your fretting hand only…and a few minutes later bring back the picking hand to strum. Continue this alternating process to build muscle memory and control that you need to master barre chords.

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