Question: When we start on the physical elements of the guitar, where should I begin, and when should this lesson be placed in the lesson plan?

Tom Hess's Answer: This question is impossible to answer “generally” in a way that will work in every case. Every guitar student you teach will be different, not only in terms of their skill level and goals but also in terms of their work ethic, determination and desire to truly master the guitar. These unique variables will determine how exactly you should approach teaching the topic of guitar technique to a particular student for maximum results.

That being said, for most guitar students who have an “average” amount of motivation and work ethic in relation to practicing and learning guitar, the best place to begin is by introducing the material that will give them easier victories in the beginning. For example, when showing someone a challenging guitar technique, introduce it in such a way that allows the student to see immediate results (even if on a very simple level). This will build their confidence and motivation to a higher level and enable them to believe in their ability to overcome more difficult concepts that you will teach them later. This applies not only when teaching your guitar students new things but also to fixing their technique flaws. To learn more about this, study this guitar teaching article about how to fix your guitar students’ bad habits.

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