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Guitar Teaching Assessments:

Teaching guitar can be highly rewarding, both in terms of personal fulfillment from helping others to reach their goals, as well as financially.  In order for me to help you begin your successful teaching career (or make your current situation more successful), I want you to test yourself and your current approaches to teaching guitar. 

Answer the questions in the assessments below. You will immediately receive an e-mail with your score, together with my specific feedback on your results.

Guitar Teaching Success TestHow Close Are You To Big Success As A Guitar Teacher? 
Find out how close you are to becoming successful as a guitar teacher and get free feedback from me that will help you grow your teaching business fast. Take this guitar teaching success test.

How to teach beginning guitar studentsAre You Ready To Teach Guitar?
Do you wish you could finally quit your unfulfilling day job and start teaching guitar for a living instead? Fact is, you are probably much more prepared to get started teaching guitar right now than you’d think. The best way to know for sure is to assess your guitar playing and teaching experience. Test yourself right now so you can learn how prepared you really are by filling out this free guitar teaching assessment.  

How to teach beginning guitar studentsHow Effective Are Your Beginning Guitar Student Teaching Methods?
How effective are you in getting your students to practice, believe in their potential, and to remain your students until they achieve their goals?  Most guitar teachers struggle with doing this successfully.  In most cases, their approach to teaching guitar to beginners is lacking in many areas (that they are unaware of) and could use a lot of improvement. If you are not successful in this area, test your beginning guitar student teaching methods here.  

How ready are you to become a successful guitar teacherHow Prepared Are You To Grow A Highly Successful Guitar Teaching Business?
There are many things that are needed in order to build and sustain a highly successful guitar teaching business. Most guitar teachers aren't aware of them and fail as a result. Do you know what all of these things are? Are you 100% ready to implement them? Find out how prepared you are to build a long-lasting and successful guitar teaching business by completing the questions in this free guitar teaching strengths assessment.   

How to attract more new guitar studentsHow Effective Are You In Attracting New Guitar Students?
Do you have highly effective strategies for attracting A LOT of new guitar students to your teaching studio?  Are students pounding down your door just for the chance to begin studying with you?  Do you find it easy to keep your schedule totally full of students? If you didn't answer "Yes", to all of these questions, this test for how effective you are at getting new guitar students will help you find out why.  

How to become a more effective guitar teacherTest Your Guitar Teaching Skills
Do you know how good of a guitar teacher you are? Before learning how to improve your teaching skills, you must first learn what your current strengths and weaknesses are. Find out how much you really know about teaching guitar and test your guitar teaching skills. After you take this assessment, I'll send you my feedback on your answers to help you become much more effective at teaching guitar.

How to teach your guitar students to practice effectivelyHow To Teach Your Guitar Students To Practice Guitar
Most guitar teachers do a very poor job at teaching their students how to effectively "practice" guitar and this is one of the reasons why their students rarely become exceptional musicians. If you want to succeed as a guitar teacher, you MUST be able to transform the musical lives of your students. Take this free assessment to test your skills in the area of teaching your guitar students how to practice effectively.  

Guitar Teaching Articles:

Guitar teaching articlesGuitar Teaching Articles
As a guitar teacher, you will often come across situations that leave you scratching your head and wondering what to do next. It's time to get the answers you seek and take your guitar teaching to the next  level. Get tons of advice to help you find new guitar students, teach guitar more effectively and build a long-lasting/highly successful guitar teaching business by reading these articles about guitar teaching.  

Free Guitar Teaching Business eBook:

How to get more guitar students How To Get A Lot More Guitar Students Fast
Wish you could get more guitar students aren’t experienced enough or live in a small city? Fact: getting a lot more guitar students actually has little to do with your location or teaching experience. Learn what you need to do now to get more students using this free resource on how to get more guitar students to take lessons with you.

How to earn more money by teaching guitarFree eBook About How To Earn More Money In Your Guitar Teaching Business
Most guitar teachers want to do much better in their guitar teaching business, but they simply do not know 'what to do', nor 'how to do things' to reach that goal. Start taking action and learning exactly what you need to do to grow your guitar teaching business. Read this free mini eBook and get 11 tips that you can use right away to build your guitar teaching business better and stronger.  

Free Guitar Teaching Mini Course:

How to become a great guitar teacherHow To Be An Excellent Guitar Teacher
This free 7 day mini course will show you how to establish and grow your reputation as the best guitar teacher in your area. You will learn how to get results with all of your students and help them develop into great musicians. Also, you will discover how to attract more serious students to work with. Get the mini course on how to become an excellent guitar teacher here.  

Free Guitar Teaching Videos:

Teaching beginner guitar studentsHow To Help Beginner Guitar Students Overcome Frustration
Ever helped a guitar student with an issue and they get frustrated, begin to lose focus and don't make progress? Overcoming this problem is critical for being a successful guitar teacher. Learn how to do it by watching this guitar teaching video.

How To Teach Guitar StudentsHow To Teach Different Guitar Students Better Based On Their Learning Style
Different guitar students have different mindsets when it comes to learning how to play. Some only want results and are willing to practice things that others would see as boring. Learn how to identify the student type you are working with and get better results for them by watching this guitar teacher training video.
How To Train Guitar StudentsHow To Train Guitar Students To Give Them Better Results
To get great results for your guitar students, you must train them in a way that motivates them. Most guitar students have low levels of self-confidence and need small victories to get them to persevere. When you give them this, they get better much faster. Learn how to do it by watching this guitar teaching video.
Teach Guitar The Right WayHow To Teach Guitar The Right Way
Being a successful guitar teacher requires getting great results for your students. Most guitar teachers teach without  knowing how to help their students (they just guess). If you're using this approach now, stop! Learn effective approaches to getting results for your students so they can become excellent players. Watch this video to learn how to teach guitar the right way.
How To Teach Sweep Picking To Guitar StudentsHow To Teach Advanced Guitar Techniques
Teaching advanced guitar techniques to students is a very rewarding process. To do this effectively, you need to understand the correct teaching methods AND get your students to practice correctly when they get home. Watch this video to learn how to teach guitar students advanced techniques.
Teach Sweep Picking To Your Guitar StudentsHow To Teach Sweep Picking To Your Students
Teaching sweep picking to your students requires understanding how to adjust various specific movements in their playing. While doing this, it is important to not let them interrupt you so you can better help them understand what to do. Watch this video to learn how to teach sweep picking to guitar students.
Building a successful guitar teaching businessHow To Become The Number One Guitar Teacher In Your Area
Discover guitar teaching business secrets most guitar teachers will never learn about. It's time that you finally found out exactly which steps you need to take in order to grow your guitar teaching business from making a mere $20,000-30,000 per year to making over $100,000 consistently, every year. Get started by watching this video about how to build a successful guitar teaching business.

Additional Resources:

Resources for guitar teachersGuitar Teaching Tips
Before you can earn tons of money teaching guitar and get great results for your students, you are going to face problems that seem to have no clear solutions. In these times, you need to continue to look for answers and push through in order to achieve your ultimate goals as a guitar teacher. Use these 15 free guitar teaching tips to maintain a forward momentum and solve any guitar teaching problems you face.

Ready to get serious about your guitar teaching? Learn how to teach guitar, build a highly successful guitar teaching business, get guitar students to come to you and make money teaching guitar.

Become a better guitar teacher fast with guitar teacher training.

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