Why Your Guitar Teaching Business May Be Struggling (And What To Do About It)

by Tom Hess

When your guitar teaching business struggles, there is always a reason (or many reasons). Your job is to identify this reason and eliminate it to make your business grow.

This guitar teaching business article explains common reasons why guitar teachers struggle.

Here are 3 more:

Reason #1: You Teach Guitar In A Linear, Step-By-Step Way

Teaching musical topics step by step seems logical….but it hurts your students’ progress.

Here is why:

Musical mastery only develops in context. Your students won’t master anything in isolation until they learn to integrate it with other skills. Their guitar playing is only as good as their ability to tie their skills together.

Solution: help your students develop several musical skills at the same time and apply them to music as early as possible. This makes your students feel better about their progress and inspires them to keep practicing.

Note: Teaching your guitar students to practice a new skill in isolation IS important… but it won’t be enough to reach mastery.

This video helps you be a more effective guitar teacher:

Reason #2: Having A Weak Lesson Policy (Or None At All)

A weak lesson policy only attracts non-serious guitar students. Such students usually don’t pay on time, don’t practice regularly, ask you to reschedule lessons and quit after a few months.

You waste a HUGE amount of time “babysitting” such students and replacing them when they quit. This makes you stressed, hurts your income and makes it hard to teach your other (serious) students.

This problem is increased when you charge very low rates for your guitar lessons.

Solution: Create a strong lesson policy that demands responsibility and commitment from your guitar students. Explain to each student why this policy benefits them. Refuse to teach anyone who doesn't sign your policy. Fire students who refuse to follow it. This attracts more serious guitar students to you (and keeps them with you longer).

Reason #3: Blaming External Factors For Your Lack Of Success

Your guitar teaching business succeeds or fails because of YOU. The economy, population size and other guitar teachers in your area play only a minor role in your success. Take responsibility for your own future and do what is required to make your business successful. This helps you earn more money and makes your students better guitar players faster.

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