How To Build A Thriving Guitar Teaching Business

by Tom Hess

Build-A-Thriving-Guitar-Teaching-BusinessTo build a thriving guitar teaching business, you must:

  1. Attract many new guitar students all year around (instead of having seasonally great months or poor months as many guitar teachers do).
  2. Use effective guitar teaching models that get your students awesome results.
  3. Keep your students studying with you for a long time. (This means years, not months).
  4. Help your students become better guitar players quickly.
  5. Develop a rock-solid, success-focused mindset. This mindset helps you do the work that's required to become successful.

When your business is struggling, you are falling short in one or more of these areas. You must identify the weak areas and take the right action(s) to correct them. This helps you grow your business year after year and dominate your competition.

After you identify your guitar teaching weaknesses, learn why these weaknesses exist. This helps you grow your teaching business faster.

This guitar teaching test helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a guitar teacher.

How To Build A Thriving Guitar Teaching Business

Here are common reasons why guitar teachers struggle:

Why You May Struggle To Attract New Guitar Students All Year Long:

Reason #1: You don’t advertise enough. The simplest way to get more guitar students is to multiply your advertising efforts. This brings you more students and helps you learn what advertising methods work better than others.

Reason #2: You don’t advertise consistently throughout the year. Advertise with 100% intensity every single week of the year. This includes the slower summer months.

Reason #3: You advertising strategies are ineffective. Analyze the methods you use to attract students, learn how to make them more effective and watch your schedule fill up with new students.

Mistakes Made In Guitar Lesson Ads

Reason #4: Your conversion tactics are weak. You must learn to convert prospective guitar students into actual students. Weak conversion skills make it very hard to get new students. This free eBook teaches you how to turn prospective students into your new guitar students.

Reason #5: You teach guitar in “all styles”. The most serious guitar students look for an expert guitar teacher in their chosen style. Specializing in a single style brings you more students and keeps them with you longer (more on this below).

Note: Don’t overspecialize in a style that few people want to learn. 

Why You May Feel Overwhelmed From Teaching Guitar:

Reason #1: You teach guitar only in private lessons. Teaching lots of private lessons causes you to work more hours. The more hours you work, the more overwhelmed you become. Teaching group guitar classes effectively solves this problem.

Reason #2: You do work you shouldn’t be doing. Collecting late payments, teaching unpaid make-up lessons and dealing with scheduling conflicts makes your job harder and keeps you frustrated. Having a strong guitar lesson policy removes this unnecessary stress.

Reason #3: You get zero paid time off. Most guitar teachers choose between teaching guitar or losing money. Successful guitar teachers deliver value to their students even when they don’t see them face to face.


Why Your Guitar Students May Quit Sooner Than They Should:

Reason #1: You attract low quality students. “Low quality” students lack motivation, don’t respect your policies and aren’t committed to their musical goals. These students rarely stick with guitar lessons for more than a few months.

Tip: To attract highly motivated guitar students, raise your lesson rates and improve your guitar teaching skills.

Reason #2: You teach your guitar students in private lessons. Private lessons don't motivate your guitar students as much as group lessons do. Group lessons make learning a lot more fun. Your students get to play with each other and improve their real-life guitar playing skills. This environment motivates them to take lessons for years.

Reason #3: You don’t pay enough attention to your students. Your guitar students usually don’t quit lessons spontaneously. You can often notice signs that a student is unhappy with something before it becomes a problem. Catching these signs early helps you prevent your students from quitting. Getting guitar teacher training makes you much better at this.

Reason #4: You don’t learn from the past. You must keep track of all the reasons why your students quit guitar lessons. This helps you improve your guitar teaching skills, so your other students stay with you longer.

Reason #5: You teach guitar using pre-made method books. Guitar method books don’t help your students reach their specific goals. Your students get bored faster, lose motivation and quit lessons sooner than they should. This article helps you create the best guitar teaching materials for your students.


Why Your Guitar Students May Struggle To Improve Their Playing (Even If You Are A Good Teacher):

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Reason #1: You don’t train your guitar students to practice. Your guitar students usually won’t know how to practice correctly on their own. It’s part of your job to train them how to do it. Do NOT simply tell your students how to practice. Watch them practice in front of you for at least 10-20 minutes and correct their mistakes. Do this regularly.

Reason #2: You teach your guitar students too much too soon. You don’t need to teach your students new things every single week. Slow down, teach less and train your guitar students to apply what they already know. This makes your students better guitar players much faster. This also keeps them from quitting due to overwhelm.

Reason #3: You don't prepare your guitar students for real life. Your guitar students need training on playing with others, overcoming stage fright and making their skills consistent and reliable. Teaching private guitar lessons (as most teachers do) doesn't prepare students for real life. Your students only get comfortable playing in front of 1 person (you) and continue to get nervous when playing in front of other people. Hint: teaching group classes (or specific classes that train students to play live) is an excellent solution to this problem.

Why Your Mindset May Be Holding You Back:

Reason #1: You think too small. Don’t settle for earning $20,000-$40,000 per year teaching guitar. Don’t accept mediocre results for your students. When you set small goals, you take small actions and get small results. Think BIG, set ambitious goals and take massive action.

Hint: It’s possible to earn more than $100,000 per year teaching guitar…but small-time thinking won’t get you there.

Reason #2: You have a poor money mindset. You won’t become a successful guitar teacher, if you:

  • Think that money is the root of all evil (and that wealthly people acquired their wealth "at the expense" of others).
  • Feel ashamed about earning a lot of money (or don't feel worthy of big success and wealth).
  • Have an anti-capitalist world view.

Your guitar teaching income is proportionate to the value you provide to your guitar students. The more value you give to your students, the more money you earn. The more money you earn, the more value you can create for your guitar students.

Reason #3: You don’t believe in yourself enough. Your beliefs become your reality. If you think you don’t deserve big success, you won’t become successful. When you believe that you deserve success, you do whatever it takes to make success happen.

This guitar teaching test helps you identify your guitar teaching strengths and weaknesses. Take it now and learn how to grow your guitar teaching business fast.

Improve your guitar teaching skills by getting training for music teachers.

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