Question: If you're wanting to improve your overall guitar playing, how do you narrow down your goals and decide specifically where you need to start to get better?

Tom Hess's Answer: Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to determine “where to start”. Instead, you need to determine your highest END goal and work backwards from there. You must think about what you would be doing if you could already play guitar exactly how you wanted to, then determine the last step you would need to take before achieving this level of playing (to learn more about this process, read this article about achieving musical goals). From there, work backwards until you arrive at your current skill level. This will reveal to you the very first step you must take. As you are doing this, think very clearly about your REASONS for wanting to achieve your guitar playing goals. Your reasons will be your biggest motivator and will help you stay committed whenever you begin to struggle!

The best thing for you to do now is study with a guitar teacher who will help you reach your musical goals as quickly as possible.

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