Question: When I play legato (for example on frets 1 3 5), I use: index for 1, ring finger for 3 and pinky for 5. But I've seen that all guitarists and shredders like Steve Vai who use their middle finger instead of their ring finger for fret 3... is it the same? What guitar scale fingerings should I be using?

Tom Hess's Answer: Use fingers 1,2 and 4 for stretching between notes that are 2 whole steps apart, do not use the 3rd finger in such cases. It’s much more difficult to stretch between fingers 3 and 4 than it is to stretch fingers 1 and 2, while there is no extra benefit gained from using the 3rd finger in such scale patterns. So avoid the unnecessary stretch and use the most efficient fingering to make your guitar playing feel as easy as possible.

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