Why Using The Same Guitar Teaching Approach Over & Over For Every Student Doesn’t Work

by Tom Hess

One of the most common guitar teaching mistakes is using the same cookie-cutter approach to teach every guitar student. For example: teaching every student in the same way using a generic guitar teaching book, pre-determined strategy or any other rigid plan.

This doesn’t work because different guitar students have unique musical goals and personality types.

For example: some guitar students may be strong-minded. Meaning: they have no trouble getting themselves to follow a guitar teaching book step by step. They don't crumble and get frustrated when something is hard for them to play. And they are more than happy to put in a lot of work now to get a result later.

It goes without saying that guitar students who have a mindset like that are the easiest guitar students to teach. They make your job very easy when you are teaching guitar.

And the weaker minded guitar students?

They are the guitar students who get frustrated easily, generally have a harder time believing in themselves and need a lot of encouragement to begin practicing things they find difficult or unpleasant.

These types of guitar students often struggle with doing the work now for a delayed result. They need a lot of quick victories to feel good about their progress. (This is why those types of students often do NOT learn well from a guitar teaching book.)

Incidentally, there are a lot more weaker-minded guitar students than strong-minded guitar students. Keep this in mind as you are teaching guitar. And think twice about teaching guitar from any guitar teaching book

The only exception to this is when you are teaching complete beginner guitar students (since all beginner guitar students have to learn the same things in the same exact order). 

When you use the same guitar teaching approach with a weak-minded student as you would with a stron-minded guitar student - the weaker student will often give up and quit taking guitar lessons with you. (Some of those guitar students may even quit guitar as a result).

This is not good for them or for you. 

But bottom line is:

All guitar students learn at a different pace, have different levels of confidence and want to achieve different things on guitar. Using the same approach to teach everyone is more likely to make most of your students bored or frustrated.

Watch this video to learn how to tailor your guitar teaching to your students’ unique personality types:

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